(PART 2)


By Russ Jensen


As they have had at the past several Expos, there again was a coin machine auction on Saturday. While the majority of the items auctioned were pingames, there were also other machines such as jukeboxes and video games.

In addition, there were also a few pinball backglasses offered for sale, mostly from more modern solid-state pins. The glasses sold included: Bally's FUTURE SPA (1979) which went for $25; Bally's SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN (1977), $50; Data East's PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (1990), $100; Bally's EVEL KNIEVEL (1976), $75; and Williams' HOT LINE (1966), selling for $60.

After the glasses were auctioned off the interest turned to games. There were row after row of pingames with virtually no walking room in between the rows, making pre-inspection very difficult. Although I did not bid on anything for myself, I did get to briefly participate in the "auction action".

It seems that my good friend Neil Jamison from Wichita Kansas, who was a bidder in the auction, had to leave for about a half hour to attend to some business in the Exhibit Hall. Neil asked me if I would use his "paddle" and bid on a few items for him if he didn't return before they came up for bid.

Neil then told me which games he wanted to bid on and the maximum dollar amount to bid on each one. Well, as luck would have it, the games did come up before he got back and I had the rare treat of bidding in an auction using someone else's money.

The first of these games (a United "bingo") was bid up past Neil's maximum. The last two, however, I was successful in buying for Neil as they went within his preset limits. They were Bally's COUNTY FAIR bingo from 1959, and a rare United "World War II conversion" called BRAZIL, converted by United in 1943.

The BRAZIL, by the way, Neil was purchasing on behalf of my good friend and ace pingame collector Richard Conger of Sebastopol California. This made it especially exciting for me helping Richard obtain another "conversion" for his collection. I really did enjoy the thrill of auction bidding, especially when it didn't cost me a dime!

The following is a chronological listing of just a small sample of the pingames sold at this auction:

    NAME                          MANUFACTURER   YEAR      SELL PRICE
    HI-BOY                        MILLS          1938      1850
    BRAZIL                        UNITED         1943      110
    SURF QUEENS                   BALLY          1946      475
    SHOO SHOO                     WILLIAMS       1951      160
    COUNTY FAIR  (BINGO)          BALLY          1959      110
    MISS ANNABELLE                GOTTLIEB       1959      475
    FUN TIME  (BINGO)             BALLY ?        195?      45
    SINGLE COIN  (BINGO)          BALLY ?        195?      55
    LANCERS                       GOTTLIEB       1961      135
    EGG HEAD                      GOTTLIEB       1962      425
    WORLD FAIR  (BAD GLASS)       GOTTLIEB       1964      350
    ALPINE CLUB                   WILLIAMS       1965      90
    APOLLO                        WILLIAMS       1967      145
    SET UP  (AAB)                 WILLIAMS       1969      60
    TRAIL DRIVE                   BALLY          1970      285
    ROLLER COASTER                GOTTLIEB       1971      195`
    NIP-IT                        BALLY          1972      525
    OUTER SPACE                   GOTTLIEB       1972      120
    WILD LIFE                     GOTTLIEB       1972      115
    CHAMP                         BALLY          1973      130, 180
    HEE HAW                       CHICAGO COIN   1973      95
    BIG INDIAN                    GOTTLIEB       1974      230
    FLIP FLOP                     BALLY          1974      265
    SKY JUMP                      GOTTLIEB       1974      150
    TRIPLE AUCTION                WILLIAMS       1974      140
    BIG BEN                       WILLIAMS       1975      125, 135
    OLD CHICAGO                   BALLY          1975      575
    OUT OF SIGHT                  GOTTLIEB       1975      150
    SPIN OUT                      GOTTLIEB       1975      140
    SUPER SOCCER (BAD GLASS)      GOTTLIEB       1975      55
    TRIPLE STRIKE                 WILLIAMS       1975      80, 105
    CAPTAIN FANTASTIC             BALLY          1976      395
    GRAND PRIX                    WILLIAMS       1976      200
    NIGHT RIDER                   BALLY          1976      210
    PLAYBOY                       BALLY          1976      575
    SPACE MISSION                 WILLIAMS       1976      140, 185
    SPACE ODYSSEY                 WILLIAMS       1976      90
    VOLLEY                        GOTTLIEB       1976      125
    LIBERTY BELL                  WILLIAMS       1977      135


Another Expo "tradition", which has occurred for the past several years, was the designers, artists, and authors autograph session. This year, as in the past, I was invited to participate.

I sure felt proud to be in the midst of such great pinball personalities. I got to sit next to my "Expo friend" for the past several years, pinball artist from the 1960's Jerry Kelley, a real fine and interesting fellow indeed!

After the session ended, we were all presented with a gift from show producer Rob Berk. This year it was a necktie with a pinball related design. I hadn't worn a tie for many years, but I decided to wear it during the Saturday evening banquet, which I did.

THE BANQUET Saturday night, as always, was the night of the Expo banquet. The banquet program began this year with Canadian pin fan Aaron Benadit doing a "name that voice" contest. He would give "quotes" from various pingame "speech tracks", also imitating the sound of the game's voice. The audience was asked to identify the games.

After that, Aaron presented a tribute to Expo producer Rob Berk. This was followed by an "Expo trivia" contest, in which Rob asked people from the audience to answer various questions about past Expos.

The first question asked was who was the first Expo exhibitor to sell out his entire booth? Rob finally had to give the answer as being Merit Industries who sold pinball backglasses for a low price ($10 each, I believe) at the first Expo in 1985.

Another question which no one could answer was which attendee was once found with McDonald's french fries in his toolbox; Rob telling us it was Tim Arnold. Rob then asked and answered the question who was the first Flip-Out tournament winner - the answer being Steve Engle.

Someone from the audience was then able to answer how many Expos were held at Holiday Inn, the correct answer being three. Rob next asked what year was Steve Kordek presented with TRIPLE ACTION, Genco's first flipper game, a game he himself had designed? Someone correctly answered that it was in 1991.

When Rob asked which Expo speaker gave the most "X-rated" talks, the easy answer of Harvey Heiss was given by the audience. It was next asked what year Wayne Neyens was toasted? When someone from the audience answered "every year", Rob had to agree.

Rob next asked the name of Steve Kordek's daughter who once spoke at a banquet and what year that was? When no one could answer he said it was Donna and in 1986. When he next asked who the most animated Flip-Out player was, many answered that it was Rick Stetta.

The next question was who had accumulated the most "air miles" coming to Expo's? The audience quickly figured out it was Gary Flower from England. When next asked who the first Expo banquet speaker was, and how long he talked, the name of Alvin Gottlieb was easily answered. As to the length of his speech, Rob had to tell us that it was two hours and fifteen minutes.

When we were next asked the identity of the Expo attendee who got a job in the pingame industry, the audience responded "Jon Norris", giving him a cheer. When asked who designed Williams' BARACORA, the audience finally responded that it was Steve Epstein and Roger Sharpe.

After Rob asked which banquet speaker was interrupted the most times and finally answered himself that it was Gary Stern. Rob concluded by asking who once gave a banquet talk on Atari prototypes? The audience answered that it was Dan Kramer. That ended the "pop quiz".

Following the trivia quiz, Former Expo seminar presenter, Todd Tuckey from TNT Amusements of South Hampton, Pennsylvania, conducted another short audience participation quiz. He showed slides of the cabinet artwork from several solid-state pingames, asking the audience to identify the games.

After Todd's quiz one of the featured events of the banquet occurred - the Charity Auction. The proceeds from the auction were to go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. All of the items auctioned off, by the way, were donated by Expo Exhibit Hall Exhibitors and pingame manufacturers.

We were told that the auction would consist of 25 items plus a new TALES FROM THE CRYPT pingame autographed by the factory designers, artists, etc. The auctioneer was the same one who presided at the pingame auction earlier in the day.

Examples of the items auctioned, and the prices they went for, are as follows:

         FIREBALL backglass                                $180
         Expo T-shirts                                     $20
         Expo shirt and jacket                             $75
         Expo sweat shirt                                  $30
         GORGAR T-shirt                                    $75
         ELVIRA poster and photo                           $50
         TOMMY calculator                                  $55
         FIREBALL calculator                               $35
         NAGS bumper cap set                               $35
         Packet of 29 pinball flyers                       $35
         Expo Seminar audio tapes                          $60
         Pinball book (LURE OF THE SILVER BALL)            $30
         FIREBALL pillow                                   $30
         LASER WAR custom jacket                           $175
         Dave Christensen art glass                        $200
         Tool Kit                                          $45
         CROSSTOWN reproduction backglass                  $150

A couple more items which went for considerably higher prices were:

A day at the Sega pinball factory with Joe Kaminkow and lunch with company President Gary Stern - $170

A set of 5 I.C. chips from the Data East TOMMY pingame, one of which was signed by Pete Townsend of "The Who" - $375

A rare EARTH SHAKER backglass - $495

The premier auction item was the brand new Data East TALES FROM THE CRYPT pingame which was autographed by "everybody at the factory". After vigorous bidding it was finally sold to Expo Exhibit Hall Chairman Mike Pacak for a whopping $3,300. All in all the auction made over $5,000 for it's worthy cause.

At the conclusion of the auction Data East (now Sega) chief designer Joe Kaminkow was introduced by Rob Berk to give the banquet speech. This resulted in a good round of applause.

Joe's talk was to include a video tape with side narrations by Joe as well as other comments. Joe began by quipping that he had been offered $2,000 not to speak. He then told us jokingly that he was ready to go for the 2 hour 15 minute speech record previously mentioned.

After remarking that he was going to try to make his presentation short, sweet, and interesting, Joe told us that he was excited to do this. He then remarked that their special MICHAEL JORDAN pinball sold for $20,000 a copy. Joe then told us that he was going to show a video giving some of their company's history - especially showing some of the custom games they had produced.

He next commented that the past year had brought about some "interesting transitions" at Data East, terminating with the recent take-over by Sega. Joe next told us there was a couple of things he wanted to mention.

The first Expo in 1985, he then commented, was attended by himself along with Ed Cebula when they were both working for the now defunct pinball company Game Plan. By the time the second Expo was held, he told us, they both had gone to work for Gary Stern at the newly formed Data East Pinball, naming some of the games they had both designed.

Joe then mentioned the fact that Ed had recently both retired and gotten married. This drew a round of applause from the audience.

At that point Joe told us that there was much "royalty" in the pinball business, mentioning the Gottlieb family, Harry Williams, and the Stern family as examples. Gary Stern, he then remarked, has "the bluest blood of any", then briefly outlining his father Sam Stern's history. Gary was then applauded.

On a more personal note, Joe briefly told of his own history with pinball. He said that his father was a game distributor in Boston and that he himself became an "enthusiast" early in life. Joe then told of playing pins during college, specifically remembering Bally's 1980 game FATHOM as one of his favorite games at the time.

Joe next told us that when he was first married the backglass art of Bally's LOST WORLD was hanging on their living room wall. He next told us that Williams designer Larry DeMar was a Godfather to his children. He then remarked that pinball has been good to him, both psychologically, and bringing good memories.

At that point Joe began telling of his Expo remembrances. He first said he remembered the JOEY BUTTAFUOCO game that was designed during a past Expo "design your own pinball" session. He next told of remembering his boss Gary Stern's banquet speech at a past show.

After saying that he remembered hosting several plant tours at past Expos and serving their famous cup cakes, he then told of another "design you own pinball" game (PINBALL OLYMPICS) at another past Expo

Joe then told of him remembering showing then new designer Jon Norris how to make a "whitewood" game prototype. He then reminisced about the special game, BABY IN THE HOLE, they constructed from the prototype produced by old-time Genco designer Harvey Heiss. He quipped that he thought Harvey would have a heart attack when first shown the game.

Joe next told of Tim Arnold once blowing a circuit breaker in the Exhibit Hall when using a toaster to make toast for visitors to his Expo booth one year. His final remembrance was of Dan Kramer's marathon banquet speech in 1989 on the history of D. Gottlieb and Co.

He then remarked that if Dan Kramer's speech had not been prematurely terminated because of the lateness of the hour, he might have captured the record held by Alvin Gottlieb for the longest banquet talk. ( I remember that event very well as that was the year my wife attended the Expo with me.)

Joe next told us that he really enjoyed seeing his kids playing both the old and new pingames at the Expo. He then told about his 6-year-old, Katie, thinking that the mechanical monkey in Gottlieb's 1966 pin CENTRAL PARK was the greatest thing she had ever seen. Joe then commented that what those in the industry were doing today is making games for generation after generation to enjoy.

The comment was then made by Joe that there are lots of people in the room who are involved in the making of pingames. These people, he continued, are not only the designers, but others who are involved in creating and marketing the final product, adding that it's no longer "a one man sport".

At that point Joe asked all those involved with producing and selling pingames to stand up, jokingly adding - "even the Williams people". He then said that he would bet that some of those standing were not involved in that way at the time of the first Expo in 1985, mentioning such people as Pat Lawlor, Jon Norris, and himself. He then remarked that the industry always brings in "new blood".

Joe next told us that some game designers refer to the factory as "game jail" because sometimes it feels like they "live there" while coming up with a new game. But, he continued, the people in his industry really enjoy making games and then coming to Expos to see others enjoying the fruits of their labors. He then remarked that those people are always trying to come up with new and exciting game features.

We were then told of a fellow named Lewis Boseberg who had recently passed away. Joe commented that probably many of us did not know of him but that he was a writer on games for trade publications such as PLAYMETER and REPLAY.

At that point Joe quoted from one of Lewis's past articles in which he made the following comments:

         "Many years ago Gottlieb used the slogan 'As American as
         Baseball and Hot Dogs' on it's pinballs.  Today when you
         think of things that are '100 percent American' (such as
         Mom's apple pie, and Yankee Doodle Dandy) you should
         include 'the American flipper'.  Just as Detroit is the
         'Motor City', Chicago means 'pinball'".

Joe then told us that his company's new FRANKENSTEIN pingame will be dedicated to the late Lewis Boseberg.

Joe next told us that he wanted to shift to "the crazy part of pins". He then remarked that their company had done a lot of crazy things since they started in business.

We were then told that they had put together a video which he was going to show which he said contained some things we had never seen before. Joe then said that after the tape was over he would tell of how some "Hollywood people" are involved with pins, commenting that some people who once played pinball now run movie studios.

Well, when they tried to play the tape there was some sort of problem which had to be corrected. While that was being done Joe began his "Hollywood comments".

After telling us that both Dustin Hoffman and Robin Williams owned pins, we were told that the cast of the musical "Tommy" has Data East's TOMMY pin, and that the music played by that game was actually recorded by them. Joe next told us that Hugh Hefner has many pingames including the two different PLAYBOY pins which have been produced.

Joe next "dropped" some more names of pin owners including: Mel Gibson, Danny Glover, Whoopie Goldberg, Joe Peshi, William Shatner, and Leonard Nimoy. He then told us that Jack Nicholson has two of their BATMAN pins (one for his main house and another for his beach house).

We were next told that Stephen Speilberg went out and bought a JURASSIC PARK game before he received one from their factory because he just couldn't wait. After mentioning the fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger owned two pins, Joe named Harrison Ford and Mark Hammel as also being pin owners.

As for sports figures, Joe told us that Frank Gifford and Michael Jordan were both also pin owners. He next said that the "Crypt Keeper", of course, had their new TALES FROM THE CRYPT game.

Joe next told us that "Slash" of the rock group "Guns 'N Roses" loves pinball and that he called their plant asking for some "pinball terminology" to use during the making of the group's next record album. We were then told that the title song from that album, "Viva Ball", was about pinball. Finally, Joe mentioned that Jodie Foster and James Garner also owned pingames.

At that point the video was finally ready to be played. The first sequence on the tape was concerned with their PLAYBOY pin. On this Hugh Hefner himself made the remark, in jest, of course, "now we know what we're going to do on our honeymoon".

The second sequence was shot during the filming for the photographic backglass for Data East's 1988 pin SECRET SERVICE. It was taken at 2 AM in Wisconsin's state capitol of Madison. Joe told us that the Capitol Building lights had been turned off and someone had to wake the Governor to ask if they could be turned on for a pinball machine photo session.

Next we saw the "Old Crypt Keeper" himself touting their TALES FROM THE CRYPT pin. His repartee included the ghoulish remark that "this is the story of game players who don't 'slay by the rules'". This was followed by a clip concerning their special edition MICHAEL JORDAN pin of which it was said there were only 250 in the world!

The next sequence concerned Data East's "one of a kind" game OPERATION DESERT STORM which featured "Scud" missiles and Saddam Huesain drop targets to shoot at. Next we saw some promotional material for the TOMMY pin which featured the well-known "Pinball Wizard" song.

The following two sequences were promotions for Data East's action pins LAST ACTION HERO (1993) and STAR WARS (1992). This was followed by a bit on JURASSIC PARK (1993). The latter included a comedy skit by two people, apparently imitating George Burns and Gracie Allen, which included a comical reference to "the book being better than the movie, but the pinball being better than the book."

The last promotion on the video was for their recent GUNS 'N ROSES pin which featured a lot of Rock music. When the tape was over Joe made the comment that his 5-year-old son uses rubber bands to simulate the gold chains the band's leader, "Slick", wears.

At that point Joe told a story about TV producer Aaron Spelling's wife wanting to buy a custom pingame to present to her husband for Christmas. He told us that when he quoted her a price estimate of $175,000 Mrs. Spelling replied "I'll take two!" - one for our home and one for his office.

Joe next told how she wanted the cabinet to match the marble in their house - a 70 pound sample of which she had shipped to their factory by Federal Express. As a result, Joe then told us, his wife Kim was given a small part in Melrose Place. That drew a round of applause.

To end his presentation, Joe commented that every year Rob Berk and Mike Pacak try to improve the Expo. He then presented Mike with a SONIC HEDGEHOG video game made by Sega. That drew a big round of applause.

After that, Joe remained on stage and made a presentation to both Expo producers Rob Berk and Mike Pacak from Sega Pinball. This drew a standing ovation. Following that, Rob thanked Joe for his talk and video.

After presenting several awards to Joe Kaminkow and Donal Murphey for letting the Expo visitors tour their respective plants on Thursday, Rob introduced the people seated at the front table. These included his new wife Brigitt, his mother, and Exhibit Hall Chairman Mike Pacak.

At that point another "Expo tradition" occurred. Rob asked all in the audience to stand up. He then asked all for whom this was their first Expo to sit down. Then those who had attended only two shows, etc.; until only those of us who had attended all ten Expos remained standing. Rob then told us who were standing that we would receive a free "10th Anniversary Expo Jacket" after the banquet was over.

After that another Expo tradition of the past several shows occurred. John Wyatt from the British Pinball Owner's Association came up on stage to make that organization's "Best Pingame of the Past Year" award.

John began by praising Rob Berk, Mike Pacak, and their "crew" for presenting another great show. He then announced that their nomination of the best pingame to come out since the last Expo was Williams' INDIANA JONES - THE PINBALL ADVENTURE. Roger Sharpe accepted the award because neither of the game's designers, Steve Ritchie or Doug Watson, were present.

After that Mike Pacak got up and made presentations to the pinball tournament scorekeepers and assistants. Rob then thanked his staff and all the show's seminar speakers.

Rob next called up several pinball magazine publishers (both past and present) to receive special plaques. They included: Jim Shelberg of "PinGame Journal"; Jim Tolbert who published "Amusement Review" in the late 1970's; John Wyatt of the English Pinball Owner's Association's "Pinball Player"; and Steve Young and Gordon Hasse who once published the great "Pinball Collector's Quarterly".

Rob then called Steve Kordek up on stage. Steve was there to divulge this year's inductee into the "Pinball Hall of Fame", another Expo event began a few years back. Steve announced that this year it was none other than retired Gottlieb designer Wayne Neyens, drawing a standing ovation.

Wayne thanked Rob for being chosen for the honor and then credited Steve Kordek for his great work over the years. Rob then quipped that Wayne should "get back to designing".

Next on the agenda was Mike Pacak presenting the "Best Exhibit" awards. This year the honor went to Jim and Judy Tolbert for their "For Amusement Only" booth. The runner up was Steve Young's booth, Mike remarking about the "neat aprons" Steve and his helpers wore.

This was followed by the announcement of the winner of the banquet costume contest. As happened last year, banquet attendees were told they could dress up as their favorite pinball machine if they so desired. This year's winner was a person dressed as PHARAOH.

We next had the award for the best restored pingame in the Exhibit Hall. The winner this year was the Gottlieb's SQUARE HEAD (1963) pin beautifully restored by Herb Silvers. That drew a round of applause.

After that Rob allowed producers of other "pin shows" to tell about their upcoming events. Dave Marston first told about their 5th annual "New England Pinfest" which was scheduled for April 30, 1995 in Connecticut. Dann Frank from Phoenix, Arizona next told of his 2nd annual "Wild West Pinball Fest" also scheduled for the same weekend in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Rob Berk next got up and remarked that this was really an exciting Expo. He then talked about the many foreign visitors this year from such far away places as Japan, Germany, Italy, and England. Following that, Rob made a presentation to his co-host Mike Pacak, Mike then thanking Rob for it.

At that point Mike thanked all the Expo exhibitors for making the Exhibit Hall such a success. He then reminded everyone that the hall would be open all night after the banquet so people could play the games.

The next banquet event was the annual raffle giving away a brand new pinball machine. The game to be given this year to the lucky winner was Bally's WORLD CUP SOCCER.

Before the drawing Rob Berk told us that the "raffle box" (from which the lucky ticket was to be drawn) was donated by Exhibit Hall exhibitor Steve and Laura Engle's Mayfair Amusements. Rob then told us that his wife Brigitt would draw the winning ticket.

The ticket was then drawn and the lucky number announced. After a few moments a round of applause was heard signifying that the winner had been found.

Rob was heard to remark that "someone different" had won the game this year. He was apparently referring to the fact that Tim Arnold of Las Vegas has won several times at past shows, due to the fact that he usually buys a fair percentage of the tickets.

I (nor anyone else at our table) did not see who the lucky winner was. But I'm sure he was happy to win a game who's retail value is around $3,000!

When the raffle was concluded the date of Pinball Expo '95 was announced. We were told that next year's show would be held October 26 through 29, 1995

The last thing to happen before the banquet came to a close was Rob Berk announcing several "Expo marriages" which had occurred during the past year. He first told of his own wedding to his new wife Brigitt.

Other "pin weddings" paired up Richard Shapero from Louisville Kentucky with his new wife Wanda, Ed Cebula (recently retired from Data East) with his lady Sarah, Pennsylvania collector Bob Speiler with Gabriel, and Mike Pacak's son Lonnie and his wife Patty. And last, but not least, we heard of the marriage of Jim Tolbert to his lady Judy. There was also a cake provided by Rob to celebrate these happy unions.

When the banquet was over Rob told all of us who had attended all 10 Expos to come up to the stage to get our souvenir "10th Anniversary jackets". Mike Pacak handed out the jackets according to our size. After we put them on PinGame Journal publisher Jim Shelberg took some photos of our group.

After that, we too joined the people who went to the Exhibit Hall for some more pinball playing and visiting with fellow pin- fans.


As it was at all of the past nine Expos, the Exhibit Hall was really the "heart" of the show. It was the place to meet and visit with old and new "pin friends", a place to shop for both pingames and associated parts and paper, and a place to play pinball until your heart's content on games both old and brand new.

In addition, the hall was the place for all those "wizards" who were interested in competing to try and win a brand new pingame to try their luck and skill in the qualifying rounds of the annual "Flip-Out" pinball tournament. This year again, by the way, the Exhibit Hall actually consisted of two large rooms literally crammed with pingames and associated paraphernalia.

If you wanted parts or paper you were in luck as the usual great dealers were present. As you entered the hall directly to your right was Mike Pacak's booth selling many pinball flyers as well as other printed materials (books, etc.). Not only that, but Mike had available for viewing large notebooks full of some rare items from his vast brochure collection.

Steve Young was also there as usual with his large selection of reproduction and new pinball parts and literature at his "Pinball Resource" booth. Then there was Steve and Laura Engle's Mayfair Amusement "pinball supermarket" with a wide variety of parts, paper and backglasses (new-old-stock and reproductions).

Also there was Herb Silvers' "Fabulous Fantasies" booth selling his great reproduction backglasses, displaying his latest release the "porno version" CAPTAIN FANTASTIC glass. And, of course, Jim and Judy Tolbert's "For Amusement Only" booth selling their usual fine assortment of games, parts, and paper.

Scattered throughout the hall there were also several other dealers selling pingames, such as Mark Weyna from Des Plains, Illinois among others. Mark had the only pins from the 1930's at the show I believe.

One of the main attractions to many in the Exhibit Hall were the many pingames available for playing. Games of many eras were available, although most were from the 1970's, 1980's, and the current decade. The latter included many of the latest pins displayed by the current manufacturers.

And, of course, there was the long line of brand new Data East MAVERICK pins which were used by the many pinball "wizards" competing in the tournament. The winner of that, by the way, would receive a brand new pingame.

The following is a chronological listing of the pingames on display in the Exhibit Hall:

    NAME                            MANUFACTURER      YEAR      PRICE
    Unknown                         ?                 1932?     -
    CLOVERLEAF  (PAYOUT)            GOTTLIEB          1932      -
    JIGGERS                         GENCO             1932      295
    WORLD'S FAIR JIGSAW             ROCKOLA           1933      NFS
    TIME                            PAMCO             1935      -
    COMMODORE                       CHICAGO COIN      1939      -
    ABC BOWLER                      GOTTLIEB          1941      -
    BIG PARADE                      EXHIBIT           1941      NFS
    CAPTAIN KIDD                    GENCO             1941      -
    HUMPTY DUMPTY                   GOTTLIEB          1947      -
    JACK 'N JILL                    GOTTLIEB          1948      250
    PUDDIN' HEAD                    GENCO             1948      350
    GLOBETROTTER                    GOTTLIEB          1951      NFS
    WATCH MY LINE                   GOTTLIEB          1951      650
    WILD WEST                       GOTTLIEB          1951      NFS
    CHINATOWN                       GOTTLIEB          1952      1000
    CORONATION                      GOTTLIEB          1952      -
    CROSSROADS                      GOTTLIEB          1952      NFS
    FLYING HIGH                     GOTTLIEB          1953      -
    MARBLE QUEEN                    GOTTLIEB          1953      NFS
    SKYWAY                          WILLIAMS          1954      700
    GYPSY QUEEN                     GOTTLIEB          1955      NFS
    SOUTHERN BELLE                  GOTTLIEB          1955      -
    HARBOR LITES                    GOTTLIEB          1956      -
    KINGS                           WILLIAMS          1957      NFS
    STRAIGHT FLUSH                  GOTTLIEB          1957      -
    BRITE STAR                      GOTTLIEB          1958      NFS
    CARNIVAL QUEEN  (BINGO)         BALLY             1958      650
    GUSHER                          WILLIAMS          1958      NFS
    ROTO POOL                       GOTTLIEB          1958      -
    HI-DIVER                        GOTTLIEB          1959      -
    LIGHTNING BALL                  GOTTLIEB          1959      -
    SINGLE COIN  (BINGO)            ?                 195?      -
    MELODY LANE                     GOTTLIEB          1960      -
    WORLD BEAUTIES                  GOTTLIEB          1960      -
    ACAPULCO  (BINGO)               BALLY             1961      700
    SHOW BOAT                       GOTTLIEB          1961      -
    3 COINS                         WILLIAMS          1962      250
    COVER GIRL                      GOTTLIEB          1962      NFS
    KING PINS                       WILLIAMS          1962      NFS
    MARDI GRAS                      WILLIAMS          1962      75
    RACK-A-BALL                     GOTTLIEB          1962      550
    TROPIC ISLE                     GOTTLIEB          1962      NFS
    VAGABOND                        WILLIAMS          1962      NFS
    BIG DEAL                        WILLIAMS          1963      NFS
    HOOTENANNY                      BALLY             1963      -
    SQUARE HEAD  (AAB)              GOTTLIEB          1963      NFS
    BOWLING QUEEN                   GOTTLIEB          1964      NFS
    HARVEST                         BALLY             1964      -
    PALOOKA                         WILLIAMS          1964      -
    WING DING                       WILLIAMS          1964      -
    WORLD FAIR                      GOTTLIEB          1964      -
    BUCKAROO                        GOTTLIEB          1965      795
    FUN CRUISE                      BALLY             1965      -
    LOOP THE LOOP                   BALLY             1965      400
    SKYLINE                         GOTTLIEB          1965      -
    CENTRAL PART                    GOTTLIEB          1966      NFS
    CROSSTOWN                       GOTTLIEB          1966      -
    HOT LINE                        WILLIAMS          1966      250
    HURDY GURDY                     GOTTLIEB          1966      800
    ICE REVIEW                      GOTTLIEB          1966      700
    ICE SHOW  (AAB)                 GOTTLIEB          1966      NFS
    MAYFAIR                         GOTTLIEB          1966      -
    SUBWAY                          GOTTLIEB          1966      750
    APOLLO                          WILLIAMS          1967      395
    DERBY DAY                       WILLIAMS          1967      400
    FRIENDSHIP 7                    WILLIAMS          1967      NFS
    KICKOFF                         WILLIAMS          1967      500
    SUPER SCORE                     GOTTLIEB          1967      -
    DAFFIE                          WILLIAMS          1968      395
    FOUR SEASONS                    GOTTLIEB          1969      400
    GRIDIRON                        WILLIAMS          1969      400
    MIBS                            GOTTLIEB          1969      575
    PADDOCK                         WILLIAMS          1969      300
    SPIN-A-CARD                     GOTTLIEB          1969      -
    TARGET POOL                     GOTTLIEB          1969      -
    TARGET POOL                     GOTTLIEB          1969      195
    ROTO                            WILLIAMS          1969      500
    4 MILLION BC                    BALLY             1970      -
    AQUARIUS                        GOTTLIEB          1970      425
    BASEBALL                        GOTTLIEB          1970      350
    DOODLE BUG                      WILLIAMS          1971      400
    FOUR SQUARE                     GOTTLIEB          1971      -
    HI-SCORE POOL                   CHICAGO COIN      1971      -
    KLONDIKE                        WILLIAMS          1971      NFS
    PLAYBALL                        GOTTLIEB          1971      -
    TWO THOUSAND ONE                GOTTLIEB          1971      450
    FIREBALL                        BALLY             1972      -
    GRAND SLAM                      GOTTLIEB          1972      425
    HONEY                           WILLIAMS          1972      -
    NIP-IT                          BALLY             1972      NFS
    OLYMPIC HOCKEY                  WILLIAMS          1972      400
    SUPER STAR                      WILLIAMS          1972      400
    DARLING                         WILLIAMS          1973      -
    HOT SHOT                        GOTTLIEB          1973      450
    JACK IN THE BOX                 GOTTLIEB          1973      450
    KING PIN                        GOTTLIEB          1973      400
    PRO FOOTBALL                    GOTTLIEB          1973      350
    TRAVEL TIME                     WILLIAMS          1973      400
    AIR ACES                        BALLY             1974      425
    BON VOYAGE                      BALLY             1974      400
    SKYLAB                          WILLIAMS          1974      -
    STRATO FLITE                    WILLIAMS          1974      350
    TWIN WIN                        BALLY             1974      450
    300                             GOTTLIEB          1975      500
    BIG BEN                         WILLIAMS          1975      400
    DYN-O-MITE                      ALLIED LEISURE    1975      -
    FREEDOM                         BALLY             1975      225
    PAT HAND                        WILLIAMS          1975      100
    SHARPSHOOTER                    GAME PLAN         1975      400 OBO
    WIZARD                          BALLY             1975      -
    BLUE CHIP                       WILLIAMS          1976      400
    CAPTAIN FANTASTIC               BALLY             1976      950
    EVEL KNEIVEL                    BALLY             1976      400
    FANDANGO                        PLAYMATIC         1976      -
    PIONEER                         GOTTLIEB          1976      -
    PLAYBOY                         BALLY             1976      600
    SPACE MISSION                   WILLIAMS          1976      450
    SUPER SONIC                     BALLY             1976      400
    VOLLEY                          GOTTLIEB          1976      -
    BIG HIT                         GOTTLIEB          1977      395
    EIGHT BALL                      BALLY             1977      395
    KICKER                          GOTTLIEB          1977      -
    LIBERTY BELL                    WILLIAMS          1977      -
    LOST WORLD                      BALLY             1977      400
    MATA HARI                       BALLY             1977      400
    PINBALL (SOLID-STATE)           STERN             1977      75
    POWER PLAY                      BALLY             1977      NFS
    STRIKES AND SPARES              BALLY             1977      NFS
    CLOSE ENCOUNTERS                GOTTLIEB          1978      -
    CONTACT                         WILLIAMS          1978      350
    DISCO FEVER                     WILLIAMS          1978      400
    DRAGON                          GOTTLIEB          1978      150
    EYE OF THE TIGER                GOTTLIEB          1978      NFS
    JOKER POKER                     GOTTLIEB          1978      -
    LUCKY SEVEN                     WILLIAMS          1978      395
    MIDDLE EARTH                    ATARI             1978      -
    PARAGON                         BALLY             1978      400
    SILVERBALL MANIA                BALLY             1978      -
    SINBAD                          GOTTLIEB          1978      NFS
    STAR TREK                       BALLY             1978      725
    STARS                           STERN             1978      375
    CHARLIE'S ANGELS                GOTTLIEB          1979      -
    FLASH                           WILLIAMS          1979      -
    GORGAR                          WILLIAMS          1979      NFS
    METEOR                          STERN             1979      375
    SPECTRA IV                      VALLEY            1979      -
    STELLAR WARS                    WILLIAMS          1979      400
    BIG GAME                        STERN             1980      150
    CIRCUS                          GOTTLIEB          1980      -
    EIGHT BALL DELUXE               BALLY             1980      550
    FATHOM                          BALLY             1980      700
    FIREPOWER                       WILLIAMS          1980      600
    GROUND SHAKER                   BALLY             1980      500
    BLACK HOLE                      GOTTLIEB          1981      -
    CATACOMB                        STERN             1981      495,
    CENTAUR                         BALLY             1981      -
    JUNGLE LORD                     WILLIAMS          1981      400
    LIGHTNING                       STERN             1981      -
    MEDUSA                          BALLY             1981      NFS
    PHARAOH                         WILLIAMS          1981      400
    SPECTRUM                        BALLY             1981      895
    VECTOR                          BALLY             1981      NFS
    VOLCANO                         GOTTLIEB          1981      -
    BMX                             BALLY             1982      NFS
    RAPID FIRE                      BALLY             1982      400
    WARLOCK                         WILLIAMS          1982      NFS
    CENTAUR II                      BALLY             1983      600
    FARFELLA                        ZACCARIA          1983      -
    FIREPOWER II                    WILLIAMS          1983      650
    LASER CUE                       WILLIAMS          1984      400
    FIREBALL CLASSIC                BALLY             1985      675
    SORCERER                        WILLIAMS          1985      -
    GOLD WINGS                      GOTTLIEB          1986      700
    HIGH SPEED                      WILLIAMS          1986      800
    MOTORDROME                      BALLY             1986      650
    STRANGE SCIENCE                 BALLY             1986      750
    BIG GUNS                        WILLIAMS          1987      1000
    F-14 TOMCAT                     WILLIAMS          1987      950
    HARD BODY                       BALLY             1987      600
    LASER WAR                       DATA EAST         1987      -
    SPRING BREAK                    GOTTLIEB          1987      500
    ROBO COP                        DATA EAST         1988      NFS
    SWORDS OF FURY                  WILLIAMS          1988      -
    TIME MACHINE                    DATA EAST         1988      1095
    BLACK KNIGHT 2000               WILLIAMS          1989      -
    EARTHSHAKER                     WILLIAMS          1989      -
    JOKERZ!                         WILLIAMS          1989      1295
    TRANSPORTER                     BALLY             1989      1295
    BUGS BUNNY'S BIRTHDAY BALL      BALLY             1990      -
    DEADLY WEAPON                   GOTTLIEB          1990      NFS
    DINER                           WILLIAMS          1990      1295
    MOUSIN' AROUND                  BALLY             1990      1295
    NIGHT MOVES                     INT'L CONCEPTS    1990      -
    PHANTOM OF THE OPERA            DATA EAST         1990      NFS
    SIMPSONS                        DATA EAST         1990      1295
    GILLIGAN'S ISLAND               BALLY             1991      1950
    HOOK                            DATA EAST         1991      1395
    MACHINE - BRIDE OF PINBOT, THE  WILLIAMS          1991      400
    MICHAEL JORDAN                  DATA EAST         1991      NFS
    SUPER MARIO BROTHERS            GOTTLIEB          1992      1950
    TEE'D OFF                       GOTTLIEB          1993      NFS
    CORVETTE                        BALLY             1994      NFS
    FREDDY (A NIGHTMARE)            GOTTLIEB          1994      NFS
    GUNS N' ROSES                   DATA EAST         1994      NFS
    RESCUE 911                      GOTTLIEB          1994      NFS
    RICHIE RICH                     DATA EAST         1994      NFS
    ROAD SHOW                       WILLIAMS          1994      NEW
    WORLD CUP SOCCER                BALLY             1994      NFS

And that's a brief discussion of the many pinball games, parts, and paper available in the Expo Exhibit Hall.


Well, there you have it, a run-down of all the exciting events, etc., available to attending "pin-heads" at the 10th edition of Pinball Expo in 1994. I must say I really enjoyed this Expo as I have been able to attend all nine previous shows and I hope to be able to attend Pinball Expo '95 to be held October 26 through 1995. Hope to see you there!

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